Fara plastic Almas Company is a joint stock company acting in the field of producing disposable containers. Being equipped with molding unit and experienced experts, this company is able to design and produce different kinds of moulds and to manufacture different kinds of disposable containers. These containers are made from PP, PS, PET and PVC. The automatic manufacturing line of the company is able to manufacture diverse containers either according to the presented samples or to the size the customer orders not only by having the same mould size but also by changing hub and scribing the customer’s logo on the containers with the lowest price. In addition, the height of the desired container can change.
To satisfy the customers, the management has decided to set a 50 % discount on each mould made from PP and PS. The company will appreciate involved in the process of producing the moulds.
Worth noting that in case of ordering 1.5 million pieces of disposable containers during 6 months, the company will give the customer disposable containers exactly as to the extent he paid for ordering 1.5 million pieces.
Anyone of moulds that are made by this company is able to produce the containers with different sizes and dimensions predetermined for that mould with the lowest price. For instance, a mould with the dimension of 227*175 mm is able to produce four different containers with the same dimensions as the mould and the pack machine opening with hub changing but with diffident shapes:  meat container (1 and 2 Kg), cake packaging containers, sandwich containers, two boxes containers and so on.
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Fara Plastic Almas Corporation is one the first manufacturers of disposable containers and PP, PS, PET, and PVC, transparent Pet Polyethylene, PVC Polyethylene moulds in   Iran plastics industry. The company is licensed for...

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